Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TikTok + LunaTik

TikTok + LunaTik simply transform the iPod Nano into the world’s coolest muti-touch watches. Obsessively designed and crafted from premium materials, TikTok +LunaTik complement the impeccable quality of Apple products.
TikTok + LinaTik
TikTok is a simple snap-in design that allows the user to quickly and securely snap the iPod nano in and out of the wrist dock. It cleanly and simply integrates the nano and transforms it into a modern multi-function timepiece.
iPod nano primarily as a wrist watch

 LunaTik is a premium conversion kit designed for those wanting to dedicate their iPod nano primarily as a wrist watch. The LunaTik's metamorphic design transforms the nano into a timepiece that is truly at the future of wrist-based technology.
Nano into a Timepiece

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Data Center Design

A data center is a capacity used to computer systems houses and related parts and accessories, such as phone lines and storage machines and systems. It typically includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls like computer room precision air conditioning systems are specifically designed for the concentrated heat loads of today’s data centers and security devices.

Data centers were linked up with their roots in the large computer rooms of the early ages of the computing industry. Near the beginning computer systems were complex to operate and maintain, and required a special environment in which to operate. Cables network were necessary to connect all the components like machines, switches, other devices, and methods to accommodate and organize these were devised, such as standard racks to mount equipment, elevated floors, and cable trays at the relevant location. Also, a basic machine or system required a great deal of power, and had to be air ventilated to avoid overheating. Security was important – computers were expensive, and were often used for military purposes. Beginner design instructions for controlling access to the computer room were therefore devised.

Data Center Racks

Data Center Design Considerations

A data center can occupy a complete room space for Network Critical Physical Infrastructure of a building, may be more than one floor, or an entire building. Most of the equipment is often in the form of servers mounted racks cabinets, which are usually placed InRow RC forming corridors between them.

Local building codes may manage the minimum ceiling heights.

Data Center Environmental Control

The location and environment of a data center is the most important to control the whole systems communication. So the protection is necessary from fire or other factors which may damage electronic and network components of data center. Profound data centers may keep computer equipment from heat free environment and make them cool in case or less energy than conventional designs.

Modern data centers try to use economizer cooling, where they use outside air to keep the data center cool.

·         Underfloor Water Detection
·         Access Raised Floor
·         Air conditioning

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Uses of Toronto Airport Limo Services in the major towns and cities

The Toronto Airport Limo is basically designed to cater to the needs of the airport passengers. These services are run by the local private car rental companies having fleets of limousines with them and lending them on different packages and time. They were basically started to give luxurious touch to the airport visits. But with the passage of time the spectrum grew to such a great extent that today, every important function is incomplete without the car from the Toronto airport limousine fleet. Like Toronto airport limo, every regional limo service has got its regional names like Mississauga Limo, Belle-ville Limo, Pickering Limo etc.
Toronto Airport Limousine_ferrari_360
 The Mississauga Limo has been successful in growing roots in the everyday life of the citizens. Children tend to enjoy special birthday parties in the limousines, schools use to attract more tourists for the tour by hiring limousine buses, corporations don’t need to spend their precious cash on the extra services things like cars and just lend some whenever wanted. Similarly, the same limousines are more than enough for middle class parents to their children’s faces glowing and excited on limousine tours after a few months, just for the purpose of recreation. No doubt, Limousines have become a part and parcel of the daily life in the Mississauga’s citizens.

When it comes to Belle-ville Limo, the uses are almost the same but we can see a serious shift of trends in some cases as well. Here people tend to hire Limousines only for the very special occasions. Like, for wedding purposes, they prefer to go for the just married ride or to the church on the highly luxurious Limousine fleet of cars. Similarly, they just tend to enjoy the turning teen birthdays or the silver or the golden jubilee wedding anniversaries. Moreover, we can see that the corporation over here do not prefer to use limousines for routine tours or airport escorting purposes, rather they use it for annual academic or survey tours on order to assert the financial status of their company.

Pickering Limo customers are even pickier in their limousine rentals. However, they do not reserve for the most important events of their life as do the Mississauga ones. They just use Limo to add a spark to the daily functions and to make them look even more important. Take the child’s first journey from the hospital to his home and the boy’s last recreation trip with his parents before going to a boarding school. Similarly, the first ride to the new office and the school are also made special and used as tensions releasing agents for the children to muster courage for new places and adventures.

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GTA – Toronto Airport Limo Services in Canada

Looking for a luxurious Limo ride? Want to give a huge blow to your friends on your birthday? Want to give a high class experience to your corporate guests? Want to reward this year’s school toppers differently? Want each and every moment of your wedding ceremony to be highly stylish and classical? Just go through our extensive fleet of Limousines and we will be there to realize your dreams to the maximum. We are the leading Limousine rental company in Canada. We provide our services 24/7 to every nook and cranny of Toronto. Our customers like us for the highly hygienic and professional services. We have more than a dozen packages, giving you a great room of choices. Moreover, our fleet contains the most recent and the classical models of Limousines.

We proudly offer our services to you for:

Toronto Airport picks and drops:
We provide Toronto Airport Limo services to our middle and elite class clients. We have highly trained drivers and supporting staff to ensure your best experience with us. We have dozens Limos reserved for airport customers. We provide instant pick and drop services to the Toronto International Airport. Our packages are affordable and our Limousines are highly maintained. Reserve your Limousine now to experience the quality of our Toronto Airport Limousine services!
Ajax Airport Limousine
Ajax Airport Limousine

Limousine tours:
We proudly offer our Limousines for all types and sizes of tours. From honey moon tours to the corporate tours, from family recreational tours to the school and college academic tours, our Mississauga Limo services are matchless in quality and affordability. We have Limos to accommodate from six to forty persons. Our special deals and free gifts with major orders attract a number of customers for Bellevile Limo service. Don’t deprive yourself of these precious gifts and reserve a Limo now to enjoy the honor and a stylish ride.

Limousines for different occasions:
You can also enjoy our Limos on important occasions of your life. We will be at your door step to add indelible imprints of joy and style to your special occasions.

Wedding Limo:
Wedding Limo is one of the major Mississauga Limo services. We have specially decorated and well equipped wedding Limos for this purpose. Why not impress your elite and corporate guests on your wedding by escorting them to the Church in one of our Limousines? What would be a better choice for your ‘Just Married’ romantic ride than the latest decorated Limousine?

Birthday Limo:
Our Belleville Limo services are hot favorite among the crazy birthday bash guys. You can have birthday ride or tour with your friends and family celebrating your birthday meanwhile. So, when is your birthday coming? Don’t forget to save a few bucks for your Limousine as well!

Christmas Limo:
What would be a better Christmas gift to your children than a Luxurious Limo ride? Santa will bring other gifts for your children. You just make your choice for the Limousine, the time of the ride and the package that suits your pocket best!

Whether you are making arrangements for your wedding ceremony or the corporate tours; whether you are going yourself to the Toronto airport or are about to receive elite class guests from the airport; whether you are planning a weekend tour or annual school tour; just go through our extensive fleet of Limousines and the packages, make your choice, and reserve your order now!

Data Center

Electronic, communications and information technology equipment require rigid environmental conditions for reliable operation. computer room precision air conditioning systems are specifically designed for the concentrated heat loads of today’s data centers.

Pacific Voice & Data “PVD” is a full service convergence organization specializing in Real-Time Critical Infrastructure Solutions & Data Center Design. Our objective is to increase your organization's profitability by enhancing the effectiveness & security of its information technology management environment. 

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How do the limousine companies of Canada do business?

Major cities and towns of Canada are always busy in healthy activities. This trend enables their Toronto airport limousine companies to make extra income throughout the year.

Canada is a highly globalized and advanced country on the globe. The country is equipped with all of the latest technologies and services. Toronto airport limo services are no exception in this regard. The limousine rental companies have been providing best quality services to the locals and foreigners. However, besides the Toronto airport limousine services, they have much to offer. Riding on a limousine has become a status symbol these days. People just love to have fun and recreation while riding on limousines on special occasions. They prefer to attend the high class events on Limousines in order to impress the gathering and friends. Same is true when there is the question to serve the guests. Following is the account of general business limousine rental companies in major towns and cities of Canada.

Toronto Airport Limousine
Toronto Airport Limousine Events

Limousines and IIFA Awards:
IIFA Awards are the great global event promoting Indian Film Industry across the globe. This year, the Markham city of Ontario has won the honor to host this great event. The event is full of glamour, style and pomp and show. So, the limousine rental companies are going to make most of the opportunity. Most of the stars and celebrities invited on the event would prefer to ride to the venue on the most stylish and pompous Markham limousines. Moreover, since it’s the multi-day event entertaining the audience and the guests there will be a great difference between the daily choices. So, Markham limousine rental companies have a great big great big opportunity to impress the guests with their stunning packages and building long lasting business relationship.

“May is the month of Museum!”
The Oakville town dedicates the month of May to the Museum activities. The town establishment holds different family events to promote the Museum visits. Mainly lectures are held and renowned professors are invited to address the audience. On the 31st May, the department of Archeology has arranged a lecture to infuse the passion for the field in the young generation and to give a quality idea to the old age community to spend their time. Oakville limousine companies make most out of the event since many of the families decide to spend whole day there, holding picnic events in the surrounding parks. June and July are also going to give good business to the Oakville Limousine companies because many other events are due on the calendar.

Business of Limousine companies in Brampton:
Brampton is known as Canada’s ‘city of flowers’. This city is busy with cultural activities and other get together, throughout the year. The official website of the city enables event holders to advertise their event on the event calendar. So, the Brampton limousine companies are busy round the year in doing good business. The Rose Theatre enjoys most of the viewership. Moreover, the city has very active tourism industry, serving the tourists in the most advanced and affordable way. These high profile services attract many tourist from across the globe, giving flare to the Brampton limousine rental companies.

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Toronto airport Limo services in major cities of Ontario

Toronto airport Limo service serves people across Toronto and the globe to their best. They provide excellent services for from the Toronto airport to the Toronto Airport, from anywhere in Toronto. Ontario Limo services are also superb. Waterloo, Barrie and Guelph are famous cities of Ontario, offering Limo services of great quality, for almost every occasion.
Waterloo Limo Service
Waterloo Limo Service

Ontario is home to great cities in Toronto. The climate is romantic most of the times and the recreation services provided by the cities are ranked among the world’s best. This is the main reason for this area to attract tourists form all around the globe. Limousine rental services play a vital role in making every event successful and memorable.

Dozens of Limousine rental companies offer Toronto airport Limo service, sparking the excitement right after landing on the Toronto Airport. Almost all of the companies offer travel services form the Toronto Airport to the destination or to the Toronto Airport form the residence. This Toronto airport Limo service is highly customized to fit the requirements of the customers. They come with different brands of Limo, different traveling distance and different demand of additional services. Waterloo Limo, Barrie Limo and Guelph Limo services are some of the top ranking services in this regard.

Waterloo is a great city of Ontario, dealing with thousands of local and international airport passengers, daily. Everyone has his own reason, own destination and own budget to keep in account. Waterloo Limo service caters to the needs of all and sundry. Whether it is a family recreational tour or a corporate tour, private tour or a friendly tour, you will definitely find a Waterloo Limo service that suits your needs best. Moreover, you can hire Waterloo Limos for any other every day event or travel. Surveys tell that the second major use of Waterloo Limos after airport is for the adult recreational centers.

Barrie is another precious jewel in the crown of Ontario. The city has an amazing and thrilling environment. People are energetic, enthusiastic and open hearted. Barrie has a huge tourist fellowship. Thousands of tourists, from around the globe come here every winter to enjoy heavy snow fall. No tour is complete without Barrie Limo service.  Fun starts right from the airport when they see a Barrie Limo waiting to escort them to the hotel. The tour is incomplete without a long romantic ride on the snow decorated roads and the splendid snowfall scenery, in a Barrie Limo with someone special.

Guelph is another shining start in the galaxy of Ontario. This city hosts more than 100, world’s best sports resorts. This Sport tourism is the main attraction for thousands of sportsmen and fans from across the globe. Guelph Limo service serves the sportsmen, just adding to the passion and infusing envied thoughts. Guelph Limos provide their services at all of the major traveling occasion during these sports tours; form the airport to the hotel, form the horal to the playground and back to hotel, for birthday parties celebrations and wine tours, Guelph Limos can serve all causes.

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